Ways To Make Cleaning The Kitchen More Enjoyable

Cleaning the kitchen isn’t exactly the highlight of one’s day. Cleaning the microwave splatters, stove grease, and dirty dishes can get tiresome, but this is a really great opportunity to turn something boring and tedious into a relaxing, cathartic activity. Here are some of the things we like to do to make cleaning the kitchen more enjoyable:

  1. Listen to a thought-provoking podcast.

A really good podcast can transport your mind away from that one stain that you can’t seem to scrub out. It can be entertaining, informative, and make you feel like you’re not alone. Our favorite podcasts are The Joe Rogan Experience, The Daily, and Freakonomics. 

  1. Do the dishes right after you eat.

Ever notice how relaxed you are after you eat? This is a great time to do the dishes, because it gives you something low-effort, low-stress to do while you are in a less productive state.

  1. Turn cleaning time into a dance party!

Yes, when we clean together we actually do this sometimes. Throw on some music, crack open a beer, and move your cleaning moves to the beat!

  1. Take the time to rearrange your kitchen.

Having a strategic, well-organized kitchen can make or break your experience for both cooking and cleaning.  Take the time to evaluate your flow of movement throughout the kitchen, and think of ways to streamline it via placement of items. Move the coffee mugs near the coffee machine, place the cutting board next to the stove, put the sponge next to the dish soap. Placing items together makes it easier to use them together. When you try this, you won’t even notice how easy it is to transition from prepping to cooking to cleaning.

  1. Reward yourself with your favorite ice cream, candy, or treat!

There’s nothing like bribing your tummy so you could do a good thing! 

Happy Cleaning!

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