Hello, I’m Noelle. Food has always been a way for me to express my creativity and connect with others. My self-care routine during college was to listen to EDM music while cooking some delicious food. I am a Bay Area transplant and have lived in LA for the past 6 years. Right now, I am making a huge career leap from health science to the creative field, and I am beyond grateful to have the Fork & Spoon community with me through this exciting journey. Outside of food, I love mixing (my DJ name is nori), weightlifting, collecting hypebeast shoes, & reading books like Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.


Hi, my name’s Elijah. I recently made the switch from pre-med to business operations, and I couldn’t be more excited about what’s coming next! I’m always on the go which means I’ve grown accustomed to making quick and easy meals, but nothing makes me happier than spending a whole afternoon/evening creating a delicious dish and eating all of my hard work. Aside from food, my other interests include fitness, finance, film, and finding out what makes things tick (in no particular order). Welcome to our food blog!


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